Harith & Pineapple

Harith's back! But now with sad faces. These pics were taken on the day we had picnic just outside our house. We decided to eat outside to try to make him eat. (He doesn't eat much when he's in the house). 

Happy face with lots of food!

Scene 1

Scene 2

Final scene
These are the effects of eating too much pineapple in 1 day.

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2 Responses to Harith & Pineapple

  1. Remember my remark? "Fiz, wait a while... (jap lagi Harith akan lalak)..." You has asked me "Y?" and I answered, "The pineapple's "sting" would be on his tongue"... as soon as he had finished one whole piece...he really proved my words were true.
    ...The pineapple was very sweet. Apparently its "natural character" stings. Ow look at those miserable face...

    This is a sad sad sad case of a grandma trying to cheer her grandson with variations! And his uncle was quick with the camera to capture all these images ... poor little lad! Sorry Harith... I was just trying to be kind but it turned out otherwise. Amused? Bemused?

  2. hehe..yup,i remember that..

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